CORE CONCEPTS                                  

Vision: To gather permanent solutions like rivers running towards the seas, to benefit the people, the country, Africa and build the STELIOS global strategy community of a shared future.

Mission: To create a world-class enterprise with noticeable main businesses, normative governance, advanced management, excellent performance and global resource allocation capability.

Core Values: Integrity, People-first, Innovation that matters and Win-win

Enterprise Spirit: Resilient, enduring, pragmatic approach and hard work

Fundamental Principle: Adhering to the leadership of the Organization, establishing a modern enterprise system, and running the enterprise wholeheartedly with employees as our foundation.



Strategic ideas: unified reform, stimulating innovation, enhancing quality and efficiency, transformation and upgrade. We will unswervingly stay on the path of high-quality development.

Reform ideas: Obtain vitality, cooperative forces and benefits from the reform. We adhere to marketization orientation, contractualisation management, major responsibility operation and target evaluation and continue to further deepen the reform. 

Innovation ideas: Innovation is the first impetus. We advocate innovative culture, stimulate innovation and tolerate failure. We encourage everyone to participate in innovation and try hard to achieve breakthrough. 

Talent ideas: Talents are the first resource. We believe that everyone can become a talent, respect the value of every post and stimulate employees to become talents of their posts in multiple ways. 

Learning ideas: The main significance of learning is to find and solve problems. We work hard to enhance the ability to adapt to the environment and achieve the development targets. 

Leadership ideas: Leadership is in essence an interactive process among people. We should ensure that the managers create the environment and the staffs create values.

Operation ideas: Quality first, priority in benefit, and win-win cooperation. We stimulate every employee to become an operator and every one to participate in the operation.

Management ideas: Take the plan as the outline, place high priority on the institution, and the execution is the key. We strive to let every employee have his or her own responsibility and enable everyone to participate in the management.

Safety ideas: Human life and health are supreme. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and avoided.

Environment protection ideas: Humans and nature are a community of life. We spare no effort to promote green low-carbon cyclic development.



Five operation principles: Independent operation, responsible for one’s own profits and losses, bearing one’s own risks, self-control and self-development.

Five duty performance principles: Self-study, self-imposed stress, self-reform, self-improvement, probity and self-discipline.

Funds management and control principles: keep expenditures within the limits of income, no revenue, no expenditure, and balancing revenue and expenditure.

Investment management and control principles: The people who invest, raise funds and take responsibility, get the benefits. 

Credit management and control principles: Credit limit control and paid use of credit.

Credit policy management and control principles: Total amount control, process monitoring, strict evaluation and serious accountability.

Future management and control principles: Strict value maintenance and strictly prohibit speculation.

Risk management and control principles: Unified planning in research and judgment, prevention first, assigned main responsibilities, prudent attitude. 

Scientific and technical work principles: Focus on the processes, promote research and development simultaneously, deep integration, introduce and use intellectual resources.






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We always put human lives and health above all else, and work hard to pursue “zero harm” at all our subsidiaries. We pursue it in workplaces, and undertake a safety management strategy, a package of plans to improve health, safety and environment.

We adhere to the safety concept that “life and health must come first and all accidents can be prevented or avoided”. We hold firm to the red line of “development must not be achieved at the cost of safety”.

We strengthen the safe and legal culture building, promote a safety culture system with characteristics, and create a sound atmosphere of safety culture. We build a cultural environment of “complying with rules, and operating according to regulations”.