As part of our transformation and expansion plan, our six segments range of specialised services initially offered by the different divisions of BRODYLINE are now offered by the same as converted and incorporated stand-alone entities, our subsidiaries, operating under STELIOS global strategy, the parent  company.



Short name: BSA

Assistance | Capital | Investments

Trade | Import & Export

BRODYLINE SA is an investment, financing and funding firm with multiple Global Partners offering complete solutions for Developmental Challenges facing Governments, Private, Public and Non-Governmental Organizations. With partners based in key financial centers globally, this world-class interdisciplinary team includes lawyers, bankers, business analysts, certified accountants and marketing professionals, covering a range of industries, from infrastructure, telecoms & media, mining and oil & gas, agriculture, manufacturing and financial services. Read more



Short name: BORE


Mineral resources | Mineral ores sorting & Storage facility | Mining concessions

Industrial valves | Underground mining support materials | Mechanical & electrical divisions | Related solutions

Hydrocarbons | Renewable energy solutions

Trade | import & Export

BOMBELA resources is a diversifying resources company with a focus on selling renewable energy solutions, hydrocarbon products, mining concessions, seasonal trading of mineral resources and supply of underground mining support equipment, etc. Its operations consist mainly of securing and selling viable mining concessions, supply of underground mining support equipment as well as the trading of non-ferrous and ferrous minerals and related raw materials and the provision of renewable energy solutions. Read more



Short name: UBAMIN


Mineral Commodities Trade | Precious & semi-precious stones, metals & non-ferrous minerals

Trade | Import & Export

UBAMBO minerals is specialised in the trade of mineral commodities as well as in a range of genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones and precious metals as well as in the supply of natural gemstones and precious metals to retail jewelers, designers, resellers, gem collectors, and the public. Moreover, the dedication to all customers and also the imports and exports of the same. Read more



Short name: GHL

Transport & Logistics

Procurement | Bond warehousing | Trade | Import & Export

GALLOPERS haulage & logistics is a provider of high quality logistics services with representation in Southern Africa, in Central Africa as well as in the Copper-belt Region. The Management Team has been in the industry and regions for almost two decades, and is constantly increasing their business network and invests across the Commodity Supply Chain to move products from the producer to consumer, efficiently and cost-effectively. Read more




ICT Solutions Consulting & Projects

Technical Support Services | Trade | Import & Export

THULE infotech takes pride in the supply of client-orientated hardware and/or software and related solutions or projects and delivers value adding solutions to enable clients’ business processes to be more efficient in the delivery of customer products & services. Clients can gain a competitive advantage with diverse products and services. This includes Customized Post Sale Services & Product Support Solutions, Flexible Hardware & Software Maintenance Services, e-Business Solutions, Storage, Server, Networking Solutions, Dynamic Personal Computing and Related Services. Read more



Short name: ARCO CW

EPCM | Consulting, building & road construction | Rehabilitation projects

Trade | Import & Export

ARCO civil works is an EPCM services company that provides capital project related finance, products and services to the construction and infrastructure development industry with experience in the development of financial and technical solutions for various project types. Its customers include private and government clients and construction companies operating in Africa. ARCO Civil Works possess an extensive collaboration network across insurance, financing, legal, engineering and technical industries globally and works with industry specialists on a project for projects basis when required. Read more



Short name: DELTA SGS

Specialised & General Supply

Procurement & Support | Provision of Services | Trade | Import & Export

DELTA SGS offers a range of services ranging from transactional procurement to tail-end spend management with a focus to deliver you cost effective and increased efficiency. Value to service by simplifying the client buying process and ensure they get the most out of their business with the option of a single point of contact for one to one interaction providing them with a direct contact at DELTA SGS for all requirements. Read more



Short name: UG FARMS

Specialised & General Supply.

Tree Farms | Specialised & Commercial Farms | Trade | Import & Export

Aside from farming and supplying maize meal, fresh, healthy vegetables, palm trees and animal husbandry, ULTIMA green farms believe in measuring and managing everything they do, intelligently. We also deploy intelligent logistics to make our customer’s lives even easier. With its fleet of trucks, the benefit of which is the ability to keep delivery costs as low as possible for our customers. Read more





Smart and profitable solutions for our valued clients through our subsidiaries. Read more




We never stop working for our subsidiaries' success, every single day. Read more




Our Corporate social responsibility initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development of the communities we operate in. Read more


We always put human lives and health above all else, and work hard to pursue “zero harm” at all our subsidiaries. We pursue it in workplaces, and undertake a safety management strategy, a package of plans to improve health, safety and environment.

We adhere to the safety concept that “life and health must come first and all accidents can be prevented or avoided”. We hold firm to the red line of “development must not be achieved at the cost of safety”.

We strengthen the safe and legal culture building, promote a safety culture system with characteristics, and create a sound atmosphere of safety culture. We build a cultural environment of “complying with rules, and operating according to regulations”.