STELIOS global strategy is a South Africa based holding of multiple subsidiary companies taking pride in more than twenty years specialised experience accumulated in various operations and trades, successfully providing to relevant markets in Southern Africa, Central Africa and West Africa as well as in the Middle East.



STELIOS global strategy, was incorporated as part of the transformation and expansion plan of BRODYLINE SA close Corporation that was initially in incorporated in 1999.

The BRODYLINE’s range of specialised services categorised in six segments initially offered by its different divisions are now offered by the same as converted and incorporated stand-alone entities in a holding structure. With our decentralised management structure, each company is run by entrepreneurial management with a wealth of experience and comprehensive industry knowledge; this is supported by a strong and efficient Corporate Office team.

Strategic positioning in high-growth niche markets has secured preference for the holding's various operations states Executive Chairman Dudi Yehezkel.



In the process of going global we have integrated ourselves in the global business arena as a diversifying operations and trade company with a focus on selling renewable energy solutions, hydrocarbons, securing and selling mining concessions, seasonal trading of mineral resources and supply of underground mining support equipment, transport and logistics, information and communications technology solutions, construction projects and consulting, specialized & general supply and farming through our subsidiaries. On the African continent some of our business segments are active in South Africa, Zambia, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo in locating, securing and selling viable mining concessions to suitable investors. In other regions such as the Middle East and in parts of Asia we are active in selling metals and mine products through two of our subsidiary companies. Read more



Our Corporate social responsibility initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development of the communities we operate in.

Through various community interventions, our effective community re-investment will further reinforce our values and achieve our business objectives.

The STELIOS global strategy Corporate Social Responsibility expenditure is funded by the annual allocation of not less than one percent or prior year after-tax income from its Global Operations. In some cases we direct larger percentage of operating profit from operations towards sustainable humanitarian projects and institutions

STELIOS global strategy is an equal opportunities company.





Smart and profitable solutions for our valued clients through our subsidiaries. Read more




We never stop working for our subsidiaries' success, every single day. Read more




Our Corporate social responsibility initiatives are aimed at achieving and sustaining positive social development of the communities we operate in. Read more


We always put human lives and health above all else, and work hard to pursue “zero harm” at all our subsidiaries. We pursue it in workplaces, and undertake a safety management strategy, a package of plans to improve health, safety and environment.

We adhere to the safety concept that “life and health must come first and all accidents can be prevented or avoided”. We hold firm to the red line of “development must not be achieved at the cost of safety”.

We strengthen the safe and legal culture building, promote a safety culture system with characteristics, and create a sound atmosphere of safety culture. We build a cultural environment of “complying with rules, and operating according to regulations”.